Senior men, come join us for fun, fitness, and fellowship in a game of slow pitch softball. Spring is not that far off and we are organizing a TriCities Senior Softball League for the upcoming 2015 season. If you are turning 60 in 2015 or older, please join us even if you haven’t played in many years. We have players of many different skill levels so don’t worry if you feel a little rusty. You’ll be playing with men that appreciate just being out there, being active, and enjoying the fellowship of others.

Fun, Fitness & Fellowship

Click here to go to our download page with PDF's of the Registration Form, Rules and By-Laws for the upcoming Spring 2015 season. Anyone 65 or older are welcome. Go to our SERVICES page.

"It is never too late to live your dream"

TriCities Senior Softball

Having fun and staying fit here in the Tri Cities is as easy as joining our Seniors Softball league, find out more on our ABOUT US page.

Still have more questions, want to volunteer, have a chat, whatever, go to our CONTACT page.